Join Momentum Community, Our Online Discussion Space

Led by Momentum activists, and for anyone hoping to build a better world, this is a space for us to meet one another, discuss politics and strategy, and get involved in projects to build socialism - from media reform reading groups to grassroots strike solidarity. Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous experience or involvement levels.

Momentum Community isn’t just for organising - we also hope this will become a place where you can socialise and relax with other Momentum members, and others committed to transformative politics.

Current projects being run here include:

  • Lunchtime skillshare sessions
  • A solidarity ring-round project to build connections and combat isolation
  • Political discussion channels
  • Online political education sessions

Current discussions and planning now happening include:

  • Momentum’s new strategy document - Socialist Organising in a New Era
  • The Momentum Trade Unionists Network
  • Political education and campaigns
  • Momentum’s Eviction Resistance campaign

You can also participate in the next phase of Refounding Momentum (launching mid June) via Momentum Community as well organise your own projects with Momentum members and supporters across the country. So get started!

Our online community space runs on Slack - access our Slack workspace through your internet browser or, for extra features, download the free Slack app here:

Read our Community Guidelines here.

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